Great American Road Trip

01 Mar

I remember growing up in a time where people accepted each other including what makes them different. With how crazy the United States has become I felt my children need to experience what it was like growing up in my generation. With that in mind we are setting out on a cross country road time from the west coast to the east cost and back. 

Let the adventure begin...

Our cross country road trip starts in sunny Southern California and will be more then 5,500 miles round trip. With stops in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, Missouri, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and so much more.

While traveling a good part of route 66 and many southern states we will get to experience so many aspects of American history and how it helped shape what is America today. Showing my children through culture, history and food showing how different regions, states, and cities are important because for how their difference are what make America unique and culture rich. 

Giving my children an appreciation for the differences is not my only goal for this road trip. I also want us to have a positive impact on everywhere we go. That being said we will be doing random acts of kindness throughout our journey leaving a positive in our wake. 

Follow our journey and see where we go and what we do.


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